The Voice Tour Cam


Currently The Voice is touring in the US. The Voice Tour has begun with past stars and this season’s finalists! Catch up on their journeys on The Voice and see them showcase their resilience!

The Voice Tour has a great app to go along with: Our brand new The Voice Tour Cam. The app is free and we’re giving away tickets with a meet & greet! So make sure you share your photo’s to enter the competition. It’s really easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Download The Voice Tour Cam
  2. Take a picture with one of the city templates
  3. Share it with hashtag #thevoicetourcam

The offical rules can be found here.

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Brandcams in general


Brandcams is the online photo service that shares and connects a brand with fans by using its own photocamera app. Share your moments through branded templates in a fun and easy way. Create brand – consumer engagements with interactive social campaigns by using GPS, weather, hashtags, text, discounts & voucher options in your branded camera app. Works on all iOS and Android devices.


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