Brandcams features

Branded Cam

Branded Cam

The entire look & feel of your Brandcam can be fully tailored to your brand including the icons, splash screens and logos.

Multi Campaign

Cross campaign or multi campaign opportunities thanks to the separate tabs in the Brandcam. Tabs can contain other photo frames, other campaign information and other promotional content.

Branded Templates

Create persuasive brand awareness with your branded photo frames incorporating your brand shape, color and pay off. Also integrating campaign or promotion elements.


Offering your customers the digital photo’s made on Brandcams to be printed as products. Made possible by our global network of printing partners and using cloud print technology.
Branded Cam


The Brandcam as a fun and highly valuable advertising mechanism:Brand lovers and peers can share your branded frames with friends on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and via e-mail.

User Community

Know who your customer is. And how they interact with your Brandcam and your brand. Reach out to them through email or through Facebook.


Adding hashtags to the branded photos is a great way to create more followers and share the photos with more people on other platforms. You can use hashtags related to your campaign or promotion, or link to existing topics.
Branded Cam

Geo Location

Enhance the photo experience with special location tags. ‘Tell a friend’ of your whereabouts or reward your customer when they visit your store or purchase a product.

Text Edit

Use the text editor to personalise the photo you made. Create beautiful and surprising varieties on every photo frame. Have your customers play with your brand and the brand story, and share their unique pictures.
Branded Cam

Time Stamp

Enhance the photo experience with time stamps. Your customers can mark a special moment in time, or prove that they were actually on that certain place on that certain moment to receive their reward.

Weather Stamp

Enhance the photo experience with real- time weather tags. Make your friends jealous, place a perfect weather report on top of your branded photo with our real-time weather tags.

Photo Filters

Take a photo and choose 1 of the 8 available filters to transform its look and feel. The filters are fun and easy to use.

In-app Purchases

Offer premium photo frames to your customers through our in-app Brandcam purchase option, Keep certain content exclusive and unique or seed it among a more controlled user group.
Branded Cam


Your customers can earn rewards by using the Brandcam or by using specially marked photo frames. We can embed vouchers, coupons and discount barcodes. An interactive and direct way for your brand to treat it’s customers: free or discounts on their favorite products.

Push Messages

Inform and engage when your branded Brandcam is not being used. Notify your customers of a new campaign, new photo frames or when an update is made available.

Real Time

Real-time photo updates provide your Brandcam with the option to add or delete photo’s in the CMS and instantly upload these changes to all Brandcams out there, in real-time. Customers can get instant notifications of the new photos as they are entered in your Brandcam. This is really powerful for live events like sport or music events, national celebrations or time-sensitive events. All this information can be displayed in custom made I-frames and widgets; like Facebook tabs for example.